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Heco Screws

HECO FIX plus - The smart multi-material screw.



The newly reworked version of the HECO FIX plus multi- material screw is ideal for use in all natural and industrial wood-based materials, as well as in masonry, plastic and metal sheets up to 2 mm. A comprehensive product range offers the ideal screw for any application.



With building regulation approval puts all the advantages firmly on your side. You can't help but be impressed by the fast and safe installation, which is up to 30% less labour-intensive.


With no preliminary drilling or countersinking required, there is less risk of cracking. Regardless of whether you are working with soft timber or hard, high-grade timber.




The HECO TOPIX Therm opens up a whole new world of possibilities when working with soft insulating materials.  The batten is fixed in place using the under head thread. This causes the compressive forces to be transmitted through the fixing into the rafters rather than damaging the insulation itself. 


Together with the new HECO TOPIX CC, this forms a perfect system for efficient façade and roof insulation. The shear forces are absorbed by a shear block together with the HECO TOPIX CC.

Heco Topix Specialist

Timberfix Screws

Timberfix Exterior


Hex drive structural timber screw. Natural brown high tech coating (black finish also available).


Up to 1000 hr salt spray resistance. No pre-drilling in most timbers. ACQ resistant coating. Type 17 point to reduce drive torque. 6.3mm diameter.

timberfix Hex Head

& timberfix decking

Timberfix 360


The 'all-round'- performer. Countersunk pozi recess, hardened, ZYP.


Reinforced head with ribs. Shank ribs to reduce drive torque.  Innovative thread geometry ~ reduced splitting. Next Generation lubricant system. Packed in two part box with window.

timberfix 360

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